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Communication Series

Communication is the key to effective collaboration with your stakeholders, colleagues and customers. Blended with psychology framework, Memetics team help your team enhance the communication competency for better performance with our communication training.

Psychology of




The Psychology of Communication:
Application of Psychology for Developing
Positive Relationship

Course Outline

  • Implicit Need of Communication : The essentials of maintaining a relationship

  • PAC Model: Understand and fulfill the 3 communication needs of individuals

  • Complementary Analysis: The strategy of relationship management in workplace

  • Crossed Analysis: The skill for dealing with difficult situations of communication
    (Unreasonable request /emotional counterparts/ interpersonal conflicts)

Course Outline

The Psychology of Persuasion:
Enhancing Your Influencing & Persuading Skills


•  Psychology of Persuasion: Enhancing Your influencing & persuading Skills

•  The Myth of Influence: The short-cut of making people say yes
•  The Principles of Influence: Six principles of influencing skills by Robert Cialdini
• The Speech of Influence: Positive/negative statement for affecting people who have different intentions

• Influencing with “Why" : The power of "Why" by cognitive psychology

• Influencing by One Step Back: The skill of retreating as a tactic to advance  

D.I.S.C is Communication –
How to Deal with Different Style of People

Course Outline

  • The Basics of D.I.S.C.: Understand the origin of D.I.S.C. and its application in workplace

  • Behavioral Style Scanner: The four dimensions of behavioral style  - D(Dominance);I(Influence);S(Steadiness);C(Compliance)

  • From Person to Person: Understand your interpersonal strength and weakness of behavioral style

  • The Symphony of a Team: Communicate and collaborate with different types of D.I.S.C

  • Perfect Match: Work with different behavioral style for synergy

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