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Mental Health Series

Taking care of employees' mental health can raise their productivity, engagement rate and customer satisfaction! ME Consultants have been conducting hundreds of sessions on workplace mental health to offer practical tips on boosting employees' resilience and stress management skills.





Stress Reliever: Stress Management & Cognitive Reappraisal

Course Outline

  • Cognition of Stress: Understand the stress mechanism of Walter B Cannon

  • Stress Assessment: Use of psychometric tools to measure individual stress level

  • Effective Stress Relief: Immediate stress relief techniques

  • Positive Mindset: Use of Cognitive Reappraisal techniques to combat daily stress

  • Resilience Up: Boost your mental resilience with positive psychology

  • REMARK: For better training effectiveness, TTI The Stress Quotient® Assessment can be adopted.

Course Outline

Adversity Quotient: Overcoming Challenge with a
High AQ mindset

• What is AQ: Understand Adversity Quotient by Paul G. Stoltz

• Awareness in Adversity: Understand the emotions and cognitions under adversity by change curve

• AQ Level: Assess your AQ level with psychometric tools

• Back to Rational Mind: Learn the CORE mindset to recall your rational mind facing adversity

• Cushion the Sense of Loss: Evaluate the adversity objectively using non-limiting belief

Science of Sleep: Quality Sleep & Rest

Course Outline

  • Understand Sleep: Learn the science of sleep and its function

  • Secrets to Quality Sleep: The impact of sleep and stress hormones on rest

  • Stress Hormones Booster: Tips on quality sleep - Environment, Behaviours and Habits

  • Sleep Better: Explore the feasibility of ASMR, Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath) & white noise

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