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Leadership & Management Series

ME leadership training is focusing on inner resource exploration and observable behavior change of leaders. The methodology of ME courses highly encourage the participants' self-awareness, self-reflection mutual sharing/learning, practice of the toolkit of psychological and management study.











What's Every Leader Needs to Know :
Effective Leadership Skills

Course Outline

  • The Pre-requisite as a Leader: Understand the difference between a manager and a leader

  • Effective leadership styles: Application of 4 leadership styles by Ken Blanchard

  • Communication Skills as a Leader: Instructive & Coaching style Communication Exercise

  • Motivation as a Leader: How to unleash and utilise employee's motivators

  • Goal-oriented Delegation: Empower your employees with SMART Goal

Course Outline

Transformational Leader:
Effective Change Management to Drive the Change

  • ​The Success Factors of Change: How to lead a change successfully by David A. Shore

  • Change Resistance: Understand the psychology of change via path dependence & change curve

  • Vision or Risk:  Engage your team in the change using positive & negative reframing skills

  • Ideation into Action: How to actualise your vision into action by Kotter Management Model

  • Emotional Motivation Skills: Use of CORE Model to enhance the resilience on change

  • REMARK: For better training effectiveness, Change Style Indicator® (CSI) Assessment can be adopted.


From the Within :
Effective Motivational Leadership to Unleash the Motivation

Course Outline


  • Understand Motivators: Understand the enduring motivating sources of your employees by Herzberg's Motivational Theory

  • What do employees want: Discover what matters the most for your team with Workplace Value Profile

  • The Authentic Motivator: Find the Terminal Value of your team using 5 "Why"s

  • Motivation into Productivity: How to assist your team to attain the motivation through the job

  • Motivation Plan: Devise a motivation plan to sustainably motivate your team

  • REMARK: For better training effectiveness, Workplace Values Profile™ Assessment can be adopted.


Change Leadership:
How to Facilitate Change & Engage your Team

Course Outline

  • Create Psychological Safety: How to get your team prepared for the change

  • Life Cycle of Project Management: Understanding why the team need to change

  • Lead the Change Direction: Identify what the external forces are impacting the team

  • Facilitate the Habit in Change :  Motivational skill for leading the new habit/behavior of subordinates

  • Essential Team Communication Style for Change: Highly efficient team communication for engaging team into change

Influential Leadership
Practical Skills for Influencing and Persuading your Team

Course Outline


  • Workplace Influencer: The Skills for influencing Your Team

  • Fixed Action Pattern: The short-cut of making people say yes

  • The Power of Negativity: Persuade people by creating a sense of loss

  • Speaking with Why: The presentation skill to make you sound like an expert

  • Foot-in-the Door: Make people unconsciously accept your request or idea with this compliance tactic


 Time Management and Work Effectiveness:
  Build a High Performing Team

Course Outline

  • The Nature of Time:  Understand the principles of highly effective & efficient work

  • Leveraging Effect: Use of 80/20 Rule to invest the least amount of time to yield the biggest outcome

  • Work Planning & Decision-making: Work prioritisation & scheduling with Eisehhower's Matrix

  • ​Make a Change: Devise an efficiency enhancement plan using Peter Drucker's time management principles

  • ​Build a High-performing Team: Prevent your team from falling into the time trap by facilitation skills

Coaching for Performance Growth:
Practical Coaching Skills & Principles

Course Outline


  • ​Coaching or Teaching: The concepts of Coaching from Timothy Gallwey

  • Coaching Climate: Create the physical & mental climate for Coaching (Mentality, Time, Environment)

  • Discovery Questioning: The 4 questioning principles to facilitate thinking 

  • From Challenges to Performance: The application of ACF Coaching Model

  • Coaching in Workplace: Feedback Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Developmental Coaching 

  • REMARK: Upon completion of 16 hours of coaching skills workshop, the participants are eligible for applying Certified Coach Level 1 (Associate Level) from Association for Coaching and Facilitation (ACF) with administration fees charged by ACF.


Strategic Thinking: Boost your Strategic Mindset and Skills

Course Outline

  • What is Strategy: The 4 major elements of Strategic Thinking

  • The Functions of Strategic Thinking: Experience the reason why leaders need to embrace a strategic mindset

  • External Analysis: Use of PESTAL model to assess the positioning in the market

  • Create the Competitive Advantage: Create the edge using Generic Strategies

  • Assess the Effectiveness: The 7 strategic questions by Robert Simons to assess the effectiveness of the strategy

  • Strategic Plan: Devise the long-term strategic plan for the team


Sorted it out: Problem Solving & Decision Making Workshop

Course Outline


  • Manager's blindspot: Understand the unconscious  bias by Daniel Kahneman

  • Problem & Symptom: The importance of uncovering the root-cause problem

  • Problem Analytic Tool: The pragmatic application of cause & effect diagram

  • Explore the Solution: Use of Design Thinking to explore human-centric solutions

  • Decision-making Principles: Use of Decision Matrix for the optimal solution

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