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​Personality Analysis & Self-exploration Series

With help of psychometric assessment tool and projective tools with research-proven reliability & validity, Memetics Team provide insightful workshop for you to understand your personality & behavioural tendencies. According to Harvard Business Review, this self-reflection ability is the foundation that all other soft skills grow from - be it leadership, communication and customer service skills.


BigFive Profile™ 


WorkPlace Values Profile™


D.I.S.C     is You:
D.I.S.C    Behavioural Traits & Communication Tendency

Course Outline

  • What is D.I.S.C.: Understand the application of D.I.S.C. behavioural assessment tools in workplace

  • Individual Behavioural & Communication Tendencies:
    Experience the D (Dominant), I (Influence), S (Steady), C (Compliance) Traits

  • Explore your Strength: Unleash your strength, potentials and developmental areas

  • Bridge the Gap: Enhance & facilitate the collaboration and communication among different team-mates of different traits

  • Facilitate Team Synergy: Utilise individual / team's strength for the greatest synergy

  • D.I.S.C. is practical: Respond to different work contexts with D.I.S.C. such as communication barriers, interpersonal conflicts and change adaptation

  • The workshop fits for team-building, retreat, customer service & leadership training.

  • The workshop includes:
    1) D.I.S.C® Behavioral Assessments & 
    2) Post-workshop 1 on 1 behavioural consultation (30 minutes)

Course Outline

BigFive Personality: 
Understand Your Workplace Strength with BigFive Profile™ 


•  Benefits of BigFive: Introduce the benefits of BigFive Personality Assessment in Workplace
•  Nature vs Nurture:  Understand the formation of personality

•  Personality Tendency: Understand the 5 Supertraits for deeper understanding of personality combination

   (Need of Stability, Extraversion, Accommodation, Originality,  Consolidation)
•   Enhance Competency:Sharpen individual
competency based on BigFive 
•   Build individual development plan: Use of
coaching conversation to devise an individual development plan

•  The workshop fits for team-building, retreat, self-awareness & leadership training.

•   The workshop includes:
    1) WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 5.0 Personality Assessment;
    2)WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 5.0 Trait Report
    3) WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 5.0 Capacitor Report
    4) Post-workshop 1 on 1 behavioural consultation (30 minutes)


Inside Yourself: 
!nside Cards X Self-Exploration

Course Outline

  • Reflect on Personal Values: Explore your values & strengths in workplace with "Number Cards"

  • Micro-movie: Project personal beliefs & values via story creation

  • The Multi-faceted You: Reflect on personal strengths & weaknesses with "Combined Cards"

  • Past-Now-Future: Review past events to explore future possibilities

  • The Ideal You: Design the individual !nside Cards for an individual developmental plan

  • !nside Cards 官方網頁:


The WorkPlace Values Profile™:
Explore your Intrinsic Motivators at Work

Course Outline

  • Your Intrinsic Motivators: Explore what fuels your motivation the most

  • Workplace Value: Introduce the 16 Workplace Values by Pierce J. Howard

  • Team Diversity: Understand the difference between individual and team values

  • Shared Values: Create common & shared values to avoid team tension

  • Applied Values: Apply individual values to face the challenge at work

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